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Thantraratnam Brahmashree Azhakathu Shasthrusarman Namboodiripad
(President, Thantra Vidya Peedam, Aluva, Kerala)


Son of Azhakathu Manackal Ashtamurthy Namboodiripad and Sridevi Antharjanam, Shasthrusarman Namboodiripad was born in 1950 at Kozhikottiri, Kerala. After his formal education, he was a student of the first batch in thantric studies course conducted by Thantra Vidya Peedham, Aluva, Kerala, that was incepted in 1972 and successfully completed the six years’ course. During this period he mastered Sanskrit, Thantra and Vedas. He was the first student to receive the scholarship from Kanchi Kamakoti Peedam.

Brahmashree Shasthrusarman Namboodiripad had two gurus – Sri Madhavji (founder of Thanra Vidya Peedam, Aluva) and Brahmashree Kalpuzha Divakaran Namboodiripad.

After completing the course, he was associated with Thantra Vidya Peedam as a teaching faculty for two years. He then became a Thantri, Committee Member, President and Kulapathi of this great institution. Currently, he is President of it.

He was awarded Thantra Ratnam by the Sankaracharya of Kanchi Kamakoti. Shastrusarman Namboodiripad was honoured as Abhinava Sankaracharya by Kolloor Ramanadashram, Mangalore.

Today, Brahmashree Shasthrusarman Namboodiripad is considered as one of the foremost Thantris of Kerala and is associated with the prana prathishta of more than 350 temples in Kerala, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

A revolutionary ahead of his times, he brought in radical changes in the minds of people and brought the thantric science to the common man, irrespective of his caste. He considers his knowledge in Thantric science as a God-given opportunity and is ever eager to permeate this knowledge to future generations.

In 1983, when the Sankaracharya of Kanchi Kamakoti visited Guruvayur, Kerala, he expressed his wish and pointed out the need for a pooja sambradayam (pooja system) where Brahmins and non-Brahmins could participate. Consequently, Sri Narayana Thantra Parishad, an organization that imparts Thantric Vidya to non-brahmins came in to existence. Brahmashree Shasthrusarman Namboodiripad was the first Acharya of this organization and he gave training and mantra deeksha to 25 Sri Narayanas

He was the Chief Priest for the Shaiva-Vaishnav-Shakteya Mahayagya conducted in Navi Mumbai in 2008. Another noted yagya conducted by him was Sri Lalitha Mahayagam at Kadavanthra in 2007.

On 20th June, 2010, nine temples in Maharashtra and Gujarat (for which he is the Thantri) collectively celebrated his 60 th birthday at Varthak Nagar Ayyappa Temple, Thane, where Sri K Sankaranarayanan, Governer of Maharashtra was the chief guest.

He stays at Kailasam Azhakath Mana, Kozhikottiry, Kerala, with his wife Nalini and only daughter Ramadevi.


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