Aims And Objectives Of The Samiti

To spiritually enlighten the general public of Nerul and Navi Mumbai.

To propagate the solidarity of man irrespective of ca s te, creed , religion, region or language .

To inculcate in the mind of man, the basic principle of Lord Ayyappa, that all are equal in the eyes of the Lord.

To establish universal love and brotherhood and to banish hatred, jealousy and rudeness from the mind of man.

To strive for real contact between the various types of peopl e through meetings, periodicals, etc.

To aim at creating favourable condition through social, cultur a l and spiritual activities. where man according to his own capacity, can strive for      the noble cause for - making man a better man.

To strive for promotion of all round progress and welfare of th e members and general public by inculcating sense of unity, security,      fraternity and friendship  among them.

To disseminate statistical dates by publishing them periodically for information of -the members/ general public and to provid e guidance to      them in their vocation  and help solving their problems.

To organise. promote and/ or to conduct educational institutions, to encourage education and any other subjects as may be decided by the      managing committee  from time to time.

To conduct, undertake, carry on study, research, experiment to establish co-relation in style of living and promote economic progress, education,      cultural progress, social values and economic ideologies.

To provide medical relief to the poor and the needy and to maintain primary health centres, hospitals and dispensaries.

To promote secular education and award scholarships to the student at Nerul and nearby schools and colleges .

To provide relief to the people affected by natural calamities such as drought, flood, fire, earthquake, epidemics etc .

To provide relief to the poor and needy .

To print. exhibit, publish, circulate journals, books, pamphlets , souvenirs, posters, papers , periodicals or other publications for the      spread - of education and spiritual knowledge necessary for the      promotion of the objectives of the Samiti.

Each of the aims and objectives are independent of this Samiti .


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